"Lavando." video, 2015. 

Lavando is a short video documenting a particular moment of Teresa’s life in Teocaltiche, Jalisco. Three hours away from one of México’s most liberal cities, Guadalajara, the small pueblo continues to have a conservative and machista feel to its culture.

Teresa has always been confined between the walls she lives in due to the expectations machismo has of her; and as a result, she has never had the opportunity to accomplish her dreams because raising her family has constantly been her priority.

In this cortometraje, you see the lavadora as the main focal point, and can see the changes of sunlight coming from the sky as it begins to wash. Just a regular day in her life, Teresa does what any other traditional Mexican womyn would do while doing laundry: patiently wait for it to finish in order to transition to a next task.

Seeing this instant of her life and hearing the long humming sounds of the machine gives the spectator a sense of her reality: a long, restricting, and tiresome one.

After seeing Lavando, I hope one feels claustrophobic, tired and even bored in order to feel how limiting and violent patriarchy and machismo can be for Mexican womyn.

*To view this video, please click on this link: https://vimeo.com/184646043